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Bioclear Method

At Luna Dental, your Northwest Calgary dentist, we offer the Bioclear method to our dental patients. The Bioclear method uses a modern, minimally invasive approach to composite dentistry with anatomically shaped bands that create beautifully blended, naturally contoured restorations. This method is very conservative and preserves healthy tooth structure. 

You may be interested in Bioclear if you have:

  • Broken, chipped or worn front teeth

  • Spaces in between the teeth

  • Black triangles (gum tissue has moved away from teeth- as shown in the before picture above

  • Small teeth ("Peg laterals")

  • Previous braces or Invisalign treatment, which has created spaces in between the teeth

Black Triangles, as shown in the before photo above, form due to bone loss and recession (the gum tissue moves away from the teeth) due to periodontal disease. This can cause a food trapping issue, as well as be an esthetic concern. Bioclear can correct this wonderfully. We use anatomically shaped bands and inject warm composite material to reshape the teeth. 

Bioclear can close spaces or diastemas in between the teeth. We can also correct worn teeth and protect the teeth long term. Smaller teeth or what we sometimes call "peg laterals" can be built up to be more esthetically pleasing. We don't remove any healthy tooth structure for this procedure. This procedure can be just as esthetically pleasing as a crown or veneer, but more affordable. 


Call or email us today if you are interested in the Bioclear Method to rebuild your natural tooth structure and determine if you are a candidate! 403-286-2525 or

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