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About Us

Why Luna Dental?

Last summer I was travelling in Italy and we visited an island near Venice called Burano, which is known for beautiful lace making. I walked into a small lace shop and noticed an elderly lady seated and making the lace by hand. As I watched in fascination while she worked, her daughter told me her name was Bruna and she spoke no English.

Bruna asked what my name was. I told her my name is Chandni, which she could not pronounce correctly after several tries. She asked her daughter to translate what my name meant instead. I told her Chandni means moonlight in Hindi. She was very excited to call me Luna, which is Italian for moon! Not only did I buy a beautiful lace dress she had made by hand, but I left her shop with the idea to name my office Luna Dental!

Luna Dental Northwest is located in the Northland Professional Centre – just across from Northland Village Mall (down at the Walmart across from Northland Volkswagen) – just off Northland Drive at Crowchild Trail NW. Our office is located on the 3rd floor of the professional centre. Simply exit the elevator to your right and turn left again. Our NW Calgary Dental Clinic is located close to the neighborhoods of Brentwood, Charleswood, Dalhousie, Edgemont, and Varsity.

New Patients

What to expect? 

One of our dental assistants, either Zoey or Tatiana, will review your medical and dental history forms with you. If you require updated radiographs (x-rays) these will be taken at this point. Bitewing x-rays are useful to detect cavities or abnormalities in between the teeth, where as periapical x-rays are usually to visualize the roots of teeth. A panoramic x-ray is taken to view to the sinuses, jaw bone, and TMJ. If you have a specific concern, an image can be taken of that particular area.  A series of color photographs will also be taken for your records. These photographs help us track certain characteristics over time, for example, areas of recession. Zoomed in photographs are taken with an intraoral camera and can be shown to you on the big screen!


After the record taking, Dr. Parekh will perform the examination. We complete a thorough head and neck examination, oral cancer screening, soft tissue examination, TMJ (jaw joint) evaluation, periodontal (gum) assessment, and complete dental inspection. We check for defective fillings, cavities, cracks, wear on teeth, and areas of recession (areas where the gum has moved down away from the tooth, exposing the root).

Dr. Parekh will then discuss treatment options with you. The advantages and disadvantages of each treatment option will be reviewed in detail. Our goal at Luna Dental Northwest is to educate you about your oral health and help you to make informed decisions. Please take the time to fill out the New Patient forms below and bring them to your dental appointment. 

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Call us to schedule an appointment, or send us an email message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Northland Professional Building
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Calgary, AB T3A 2L6



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Northland Professional Building
#304 4600 Crowchild NW
Calgary, AB T3A 2L6

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